Saturday, August 22, 2009

Acupuncture can help induce labor

My dear friend Ashley had her baby girl yesterday! This photo was taken on Monday, right before I gave her an acupuncture treatment to induce labor.

In Chinese medicine, needling certain acupoints can help encourage the body to begin labor. I use a technique called e-stim which introduces a small current of electricity through needles inserted in the lower back area. Although this procedure sounds intense, the sensation is quite mild and feels like a light tapping. Ashley reported feeling extremely relaxed and fell asleep during her treatment.

In addition to needling and e-stim, I also insert a tiny needle in the ear that represents the uterus. Stimulating this area of the ear, according to Chinese medicine, actually stimulates the uterus. In fact, your entire body is represented on your ear! How did they figure that out??

I was happy to learn this morning that Mom and Baby are doing so well that they are going home from the hospital this afternoon, a day early. Welcome to the world, little Ella! I can't wait to meet you tomorrow!

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